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New Features In October

At 10to8, we aim to improve the product in the direction of which our customers point us. This is why we run regular surveys, ask for feedback and reviews. 

We gather feature requests from our customers and after analyzing it, the Engineering Team sketches up a plan of how the product will improve in the short, semi-long and long term. 

If you’d like to discover more about how we deal with feedback, read this article about the mysterious universe of feature requests. And remember; you can always suggest new features under this post in the comment section.



More Customizable HIPAA Tools

As you might already know, 10to8 is HIPAA compliant appointment scheduling software, and so if you have a medical business operating in the United States, you can use our product to schedule medical appointments, store data in a HIPAA-compliant way and send secure appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. 

We have added two new customization options to make our tools for HIPAA even better:

  • Prevent staff members from sending ad-hoc messages to patients
  • Prevent staff members from editing messages

These new setup options will help you prevent staff members from accidentally leaking PHI (Protected Health Information) and jeopardizing data security at your business. 

To enable this feature, simply head over to ‘Setup’, navigate to the ‘HIPAA’ tab and tick the applicable boxes. 

10to8 HIPAA compliant scheduling software

Remember that the tools for HIPAA are only available on the Bigger Business Plan and above and you will need to have a signed BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with 10to8. Book a call with our Sales Team to find out more.



Coming Soon…

You simply cannot imagine the research and brainstorming sessions that have been carried out before even starting to work on this feature-beast. 

A team of engineers, including me, standing in front of the whiteboard rubbing their chins, forming the most confusing sentences mankind has ever formed, talking about CDT, CET, KRAT and even ACDT. We had been accused of plotting something! And yes, we were plotting…

A team of engineers, including me, standing in front of the whiteboard rubbing their chins, forming the most confusing sentences mankind has ever formed... Click To Tweet

Many of you have requested to specify a different timezone for your organization and staff members. It might be the case that the organizations headquarters are based in Chicago but you have teams working from San Diego, London, Mumbai or even Sydney. You might be a lead generation agency with sales reps all over the world.

And here we are, working on it to make it easier for you to manage calendars for your staff members working in different timezones all around the world. 

We are still not finished, but we’re getting there and I just cannot be more excited to present you with a sneak-peak of how it will look.

10to8 appointment scheduling software new timezone feature

10to8 appointment scheduling software timezone

Timezones can be very confusing and we will slowly roll this feature out for some of the paid accounts that would like to use it. We would also love to hear how you would be using the staff-specific timezone feature once it’s released so we can keep improving it. Your feedback is well-appreciated, so drop us a line or two in the comments!

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Megha is a Software Engineer at 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software with 9 years of industrial experience. She has joined the 10to8 team in 2019 and she is contributing to the development and evolution of the product.

Megha Maheshwari

Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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