5 ways Neal’s Yard Bath streamlined their processes with scheduling software

Neal’s Yard Remedies Bath offers complementary health & beauty services and consultations. The Bath store employs 4 full-time administrators and more than 30 part-time practitioners, and has managed 15,000 bookings over the last year with 10to8 scheduling software.


We’ve switched over to the new solution called 10to8 within a week, and their support team has been extremely supportive. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!”

Key problems:

In choosing a scheduling software solution, the management team wanted to address a number of key operational problems that affected their business.

Their analysis and extensive customer-journey mapping highlighted the following issues:

Reducing admin costs & eliminating no-shows 

Neal’s Yard Remedies wanted to increase operational efficiency. In particular, streamlining the communication with customers using automated emails and text messages that would be reduce the burden on front-desk staff and ensure areduction in no-shows – resulting in monthly savings of thousands of pounds.

Moreover, it was important to reduce mistakes in booking appointments and to avoid double-bookings using a system that could access the up-to-date availability of a large team of part-time staff that operate varying schedules week to week.

Minimise training costs 

The franchise required a solution that would minimise training costs, as the turnaround of practitioners is high.

An intuitive and self-explanatory system that could be used by new receptionists and practitioners within minutes – without the need of costly staff training sessions – was attractive.

Controlling data access and trust

Neal’s Yard Remedies wanted to be able to offer multiple services to clients, but practitioners did not want their colleagues to “steal” their clients. This had proved a costly and highly damaging experience in the past.

The impact of 10to8 in Neal’s Yard Remedies:

counselling-450x280_822b8c5f-55fd-4ad0-a8bc-fe4dc67e17e51. Implementation and minimal training

The transition to using 10to8 at the franchise took less than half a week.

One initial session with 10to8 support associates and the franchise administrator was enough to lay out the implementation plan, perform initial data import, and advise on service configuration.

Based on that training, reception and practitioners could be trained internally. The significant savings in training for an organisation with 30+ employees and high turnaround were due to 10to8’s emphasis on continuous product improvement and extensive user testing, in order to make day-to-day use of the web interface intuitive and frictionless.

2. Data management and access control

Using 10to8 as the unique customer database has allowed them to enact fine-grained control over access to sensitive data. In practice, practitioners are restricted to only see their own bookings and customer details, avoiding any potential breaches of trust within the organisation.

3. Administration efficiencies

The adoption of a cloud-based calendar, which all parties can access from anywhere, helps greatly in achieving administrative efficiencies and staff satisfaction. Double bookings have become a thing of the past, since the system understands who is available and when.

4. Professional shopfront via email and SMS

jupiter mercury laptop-0110to8 provides a 360-view for each booking, showing any interaction and communications made by reception, practitioners and customers in a single place. Customers have loved the system and customer complaints have decreased dramatically as a result.

5. Reduction in no-shows

This was probably the easiest to measure and larger impact on the business measurable from the first week of implementing the system.The franchise was impressed by the drastic reduction in no-shows achieved by sending timely automated SMS reminders and receiving customer confirmations.

These 5 key points have meant a huge and positive impact to the Neal’s Yard Remedies franchise and the team now is able to process bookings easily and efficiently.

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