Remote Student Engagement At Scale | Webinar

What is student engagement?

When we talk about student engagement we mean how engaged the students are with the institution and the idea of studying rather than the level of engagement with the learning material.

Student engagement appointments are all types of appointments that help achieve high student engagement and excellent experience for students.


Why is student engagement important?

Engaged students are more likely to successfully finish their studies and graduate. Well-developed student engagement programs can help identify students who are falling behind and get stuck on their journeys. Such programs can also help retention and so prevent students from leaving the university or college.

Great student retention can result in alumnis who become advocats for the institution and promote it to others, which ultimately means an even student flow and more profit.


The new challenges of remote student engagement

Engaging students in a remote environment require new or rarely used skills from administrators, teachers and tutors, and other members of staff.

Unfamiliar or unsuitable technology can cause frustration and can make both staff and students’ lives harder. It can happen, that the students will have to onboard senior professors to modern technology or that tutors have to explain how a software solution works before they can get on with their real jobs. Student might have old laptops that are unsuitable for studying online and the tools utilized by the university are not supported on the students’ preferred devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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In our webinar, we explored these common challenges and more in order to provide valuable advice on how to develop successful remote student engagement programs at higher education institutions.

Watch the recording and see how the 10to8 student engagement platform can help your institution and how our existing university clients utilize the software. You will hear interesting insights about the state of student engagement and receive actionable tips to improve your program.

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