Case Study: Social Distancing At Care Homes

We always thought of 10to8 as the glue between service-based businesses and customers. But in the era of social distancing people can’t stick together. At least not too closely.

Social distancing is tough. It is not only a practical problem but also an emotional one. Your pizza appears on your doorstep neatly placed on a cardboard box, groceries bagged up on your doorstep. And you can only hear the footsteps of the person (the everyday hero) who delivered your origami or knitting set so you can fight boredom.

Little children can’t play with their mates. People are not allowed to hug their grieving cousin at the uncle’s funeral – if they can attend at all. And many are not allowed to visit their mom or granny in the care home. Not even on Mother’s Day…

But! There’s this care home provider, that has over 200 homes across the United States and Canada, that got fed up with this cruel situation.


Social distancing in care homes with 10to8

They look after thousands of seniors living in their facilities, many of whom haven’t seen their loved ones for weeks or even months due to the regulations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

They can’t allow family members to visit the care homes without having to keep strict social distancing regulations. This is a situation that they hadn’t been able to manage before launching 10to8.

Many elderly people living in care homes haven’t seen their loved ones for weeks or even months. Click To Tweet

They reached out to us to discover whether our solution can function as a resource booking system that can cope with these complicated coordination difficulties they need to sort out. Although we have several customers who use 10to8 to tackle equipment utilization, staff management, and resource booking headaches, we never would have thought that one day, our product will be the one that enables families to reunite.

We worked hard and closely together with the care home to sort out everything and get them up and running in no time. They were ready to arrange visits just on time for Mother’s Day!

They are now able to track how many people will be visiting their facilities at any given time, they can easily coordinate with staff and families, and booking visitation rooms is now a piece of cake.

Family members can easily book their time slots online, without having to ring the care homes and put a burden of admin on staff. The available slots can be displayed on the care home’s website, social media channels or even in their newsletter.

The cherry on top is that this provider can also better communicate with families. They can send out reminders so nobody misses their visitation slots, email out important updates about healthcare and safety regulations, and even track if these messages are received and opened.

In 10to8, Protected Health Information is also handled with care as we offer tools for HIPAA.

The project first launched in Canada and some of the states in America and they are looking to roll out 10to8 in their 200 locations. Until social distancing is around, so will 10to8 be, and who knows, next Mother’s Day they might just be using the software because it’s easier to coordinate everybody with.


We’ve always known that 10to8 is a powerful tool and we’ve seen so many businesses succeed with it. But the impact of COVID-19 showed us how powerful 10to8 really is and how many amazing customers we have.

We’ve helped universities move online in just two weeks, we’ve seen personal trainers, physiotherapists, and even beauty professionals offer virtual appointments. And we’ve produced dozens of interesting case studies of these fantastic businesses and how we helped them.

But quite frankly, helping out with social distancing so families can reunite on Mother’s Day is one of our proudest moments.

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