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4 Steps To Scheduling Product Demos That Speed Up The Sales Process

For us, having a direct Zoom integration with 10to8 Scheduling Software was pivotal for more than one reasons.

Firstly, our customers have mentioned in our frequent surveys that their preferred software for running virtual appointments was Zoom Video Conferencing. A direct integration Would make the whole scheduling process easier and more professional. 

Secondly, our sales team uses Zoom for product demos and follow-up calls with clients. There are many reasons why our sales team uses Zoom, for example, the ease of use and professional look of the product, the ability to record meetings (and now the fact that it integrates with 10to8).

Two birds with one stone and the 10to8 Scheduling Software & Zoom integration is now available!

Since many of you use Zoom Video Conferencing, our sales team decided to share with you how to leverage the 10to8 and Zoom integration to schedule great product demos that will help close more deals faster. 

So here it is,the 5 steps to a great sales experience:



Step 1: Schedule

In order to schedule product demos that are highly professional and foster trust in clients, firstly, you’ll need professional scheduling software.

When you get in touch with a prospect, be it via inbound or outbound outreach, you need to make it easy for them to book a demo with you. Playing ‘date ping-pong’ via email not only makes the initial outreach long and halting but also creates a barrier between client and sales representative before the actual sales process has even started. Further down the line, this can stall the deal or completely scare the lead away.

Instead, you could simply direct the prospect to your online booking calendar and allow them to choose a convenient time that works for both of you. You can also ask questions about the prospect at the point of booking, so you can map up their needs and better prepare for the call. 

Using appointment scheduling software also makes it so much easier to deal with multiple time zones and avoid confusion. 

Here’s how scheduling a sales call goes with the 10to8 Scheduling Software and Zoom integration:

  1. The prospect books a call via your 10to8 online booking calendar.
  2. Once the booking is accepted, a Zoom meeting room is automatically created.
  3. Both the prospect and sales representative are sent a reminder before the appointment, with the Zoom meeting room link included.
  4. When the time comes, the sales representative can join the meeting either from their calendar or via the link in the reminder.
  5. After the appointment, the salesperson can easily follow up with the lead using 10to8.

There you go; a simple, automated and professional sales process has begun!


Step 2: Prepare

What you cover during the initial call really depends on how your company is set up and what your business model is like.

There are companies that prefer having an initial call with the client before actually giving a tour of the product. Why is this? The initial call can be a great opportunity to better understand what the lead is looking for. During this meeting, you can map up if the solution you offer is a good fit for them and if not, you can disqualify the lead so neither of your time is being wasted.

If you decide to go straight into a product demo, you will need to prepare first, so you can provide the best possible and most personalized experience. Go through the answers the lead had given when they booked with you. Gather information about their company, look them up on Linkedin and try to understand why they came to you. What may be their problems? How could your offering become a solution for them? 

Be thorough when doing the research. Nobody wants an unprepared salesperson and more often than not, you won’t have a second chance. 


Step 3.1: Join Meeting

Thanks to the 10to8 Scheduling Software and Zoom integration, you can rest assured that your clients will show up to their video meetings. The reminders will have a ‘Join Meeting’ call-to-action, so it’s never been this easy to encourage customers to attend a call.

10to8 scheduling and Zoom integration

Once all the participants are virtually present, get started!

  1. What’s on the agenda: let your client know what you’ll cover during the call. If you had previous calls before the demo, refer back to them. 
  2. Give a tour of the product – we’ll talk about this in more detail.
  3. Question time: make sure that you answer all your client’s questions as clearly as possible. They need to know exactly what the solution can or cannot do by the end of this call. This will make the onboarding process more seamless and help avoid a stalled deal.
  4. Timeline: make sure that you set a clear timeline of the implementation process. Again, a smooth and somewhat strict timeline will help keep things rolling.
  5. Actions: make sure that you outline clear actions for yourself (and in some cases for the client) that need to be taken. Proactivity from your side will build trust in the client, as they see that their requests and requirements are being taken seriously. 
  6. Follow-up: schedule a follow-up call on the spot to keep the ball rolling and speed up the process.


Step 3.2: Host an unforgettable product demo

You have all the tools to host an unforgettable product demo. Literally. 

Recording meetings is one of the Zoom features that make the product perfect for professional sales teams. If you are working with a bigger client, it’s likely that whoever is on the live call, will want to show the demo to their managers or team members. With recorded product tours, you can avoid double-demoing the software for a party who couldn’t attend the first demo. 

Not every company offers recorded demos, so when it comes to comparing software solutions, your lead might end up with notes from another company and with a great video from your side. Guess who has the better chance to win the deal?

A professional demo can significantly speed up the sales process, so make the most of it. By now you should have enough information about the client to be able to answer questions before they are asked. Personalize their experience and make them feel that your attention is on their problem and you have the key to solving it. You are building a very important relationship here.

Don’t worry too much about glitches. Of course, you aim to create the perfect experience, but glitches do happen. The internet might cut out for a moment or your connection might be a bit slow on that day, but these are things that you can’t affect. What you can affect, however, is the amount of effort you put in, and that’s what counts.


Step 4: Stay in touch

Sometimes you can’t close a deal right away and you will need to follow up. Sometimes more than once. 

You will need to tailor and perfect your sales cadence as you go, however, there are general tips and tricks that you can learn. For example, you could read our two most popular articles in this topic:

8 Expert Sales Tips To Close More Deals

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Bonus tips to speed up the sales process

Have the right tools

Firstly, you need to have all the tools that help you speeding up the sales process. Choose a CRM system such as Pipedrive or Salesforce to keep track of deals. Make sure to set up the 10to8 Scheduling Software and Zoom integration to make the booking process seamless.


Make the most of no-shows

10to8 reminders are proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%, however, no-shows can still happen every once in a blue moon. When they do happen, make the most of them! Record a personalized product demo just like you would have done on the call and send it to them. This can shorten the sales cadence and if the client didn’t show because they became unsure if your solution is really needed, this can give them a gentle nudge.


Organized onboarding

Creating a seamless onboarding experience takes time and has smaller or larger hiccups on the way. However, once you have an organized timeline paired with great onboarding material, you can rest assured that closing the deal will be faster. You can incorporate reviews, reports, case studies and support material into your onboarding process.

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