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Hey there,

Just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on our latest Customer Survey.

We didn’t want a shiny NPS Score or big pat on the back. We wanted to know more about what you thought about us. We want to let you know, that we care about your feedback and you’re not alone in what you love about us & what you’d like us to improve:

It was great to discover that you love the Free Plan, find our SMS and email reminders really useful, feel that our support team really cares about your problems and they are trying to solve it as quick as possible.

And it’s nice that you noticed, we keep improving! Mostly you asked for improvements in the booking process both on your side and your clients’. You would like to have 10to8 configured more specifically for your business operations and want even better communications. We’re working on all of these and more.

Finally, to thank you for helping us we’re donating to charity for each response we got. In total we’re giving $354 to four international charities. That’s an iPad, only it makes a difference to people’s lives. The charities were; The International Red Cross, Save The Children, International Rescue Committee and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders).

So thank you for your feedback. And thank you for being Our Customer.

The 10to8 Team

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Matthew Cleevely, CEO & Chairman, founded 10to8 with a few friends to help simplify managing bookings and make the world a little bit more organised. He helps out where needed across the business in strategy, accounting, finance, compliance, fund raising and people. Outside of 10to8 he works with wide range of high growth businesses to help them achieve their goals. He’s also got an MEng in Engineering from Oxford and MPhil in Economics from Cambridge.

Anna is an enthusiastic Digital Marketer, who drinks her coffee with cream and trending hashtags. She loves a fun fact about koalas, listening to and speaking on insightful SaaS podcasts, and creating content that ranks high on the SERP. Connect with her on Linkedin.

Anna Kocsis

Head of Marketing, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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