The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a great chat with Lisa Penson, who’s a business coach that specializes  in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to fulfil their business dreams and potential.. She has works with a not-for-profit organisation to deliver the state government-funded Business Connect Program, which is a great opportunity for Australian business owners in NSW to learn more about entrepreneurship, get business advice and make the most of their micro business. I was wondering whether there’s one foolproof recipe that works for every business, and so I needed to ask. “There’s no ultimate strategy or path that works for all businesses, however, there are a few entrepreneur tips that can help. And there’s one question that, I believe, every entrepreneur should ask themselves when they are planning to start their very own business.” – said Lisa with a sly smile in her voice. That one question really stuck in my head, and became the base of this article – I just didn’t know it yet. But first, let’s see what does it take to become successful. “With solopreneurs, personal and business life entwines and future success will be the encompassment of both. That’s why it’s important to invest in personal and professional development. Entrepreneurs who overlook this advice often are the ones who complain about not making progress. Well, how do you expect to make progress when you don’t improve yourself?” Lisa’s website is packed full of business advice, she also has a Facebook group where people can join to share their successes and pain points. “Being a solopreneur is not easy! People often only talk about glowing success stories and their picture-perfect biz, as if life was like that. It can be overwhelming to see others always succeeding, this behavior can put off even the most enthusiastic entrepreneurs. I encourage people to share their pain points in our community as well as victories.” Being a solopreneur is not easy! People often only talk about glowing success stories and their picture-perfect biz, as if life was like that. Click To Tweet Failures can often help make a business better; you can learn from others’ and your own mistakes and transform them into lessons, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. On her blog, you’ll find plenty of entrepreneur tips along with helpful business advice tailored to help self-starters succeed. The articles are from various fields too; marketing, customer relations, business planning, you name it. “When I start to work with new clients, I always warn them that I’m not the one who’ll tell them what they want to hear – I leave that for their close friends and family. I’ll be the one who’ll tell them what they need to hear. And that’s often tough to hear.” “One of the first things I tell my clients to think about and to ask themselves is How Much Do They Want It? Flying solo is rough, and so it’s important to establish at the beginning how much they are willing to invest in their dreams.” This one question, of course, can be torn down to more, but ‘How Much Do You Want It?’ is most definitely kickstarts the brain-picking. Have you asked yourself this?
Lisa Penson – Solopreneur Success In her time working with small business owners, startups and solopreneurs Lisa realized her passion for helping others grow and succeed in a lifestyle business had led her to want the same for herself.  Living in one of Australia’s most vibrant cities, Lisa discovered much more enjoyment from work and life when she could take charge of her business hours and spend time coaching and training the tribe she loves to help. Follow her on Twitter!

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