The Secret To Online Bookings: Share, Share, Share

So, you’ve created your 10to8 appointment booking system account, you’ve set up your business, you’ve customized your booking page. How will you spread the word and encourage your customers to book an appointment with you? How will you let them know that you now have a fancy booking page where they can book you in – no muss-no fuss?

Well, we have some suggestions to help you spread the word:



Share on social

Customized Booking Link

Customize the URL of your online booking page and share it across all the social media channels you use.

appointment booking system Facebook post

You can make this a pinned post on your page, so customers will always find it easily.



‘Book Now’

Add a “Book Now” button to your Facebook Business page:

appointment booking system book now button

Your Business page will benefit greatly if you add a 10to8 button. This way the booking option will be much more eye-catching than a simple post with the URL to your booking page. (This feature is only available for Business Pages with at least 2,000 likes.) More information here.

Post automatically

10to8 scheduler software integrates with hundreds of apps via Zapier, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. You can set up a zap that triggers when a customer books an appointment with you, which creates a new post on the synced social media channel. This will help you showcase the popularity of your services and help new customers find you.

appointment booking system Twitter zap

Ah, the power of social media… Love it or hate it, most of us are on some type of social media channel. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The chance to share your URL and reaching your customers is immense!

Integrate 10to8 Online Booking & Twitter


Share with individuals

Business Card

Add booking URL to your business cards! This might seem old school, but the truth is: a business card can be kept in your customers wallet and it is guaranteed they’ll remember to book with you when they open their wallet – which is likely to happen everyday!

appointment booking system business card

Email Signature

Add your Booking Page URL to your email signature. How many emails do you send and reply to per day? If you add your URL to your email signature, it’s another way of reminding customers and prospects that you’re a professional with resources!

appointment booking system email signature


Share with existing customers

Email Campaigns

Send email campaigns straight from your 10to8 appointment booking system and reengage existing customers.


appointment booking system email campaigne

If you’re on the Grow plan or higher, you can send an email campaign to all your customers letting them know all about your booking page, or just to remind them of an exciting upcoming event.



“Please, Leave a Message…”

Record a voicemail on your business phone, something like this:

“Susan can’t take your call right now, please visit our booking page on to book an appointment” – It’s guaranteed that next time your customers need an appointment, they choose the online option. You can encourage them to bookmark this page to make it easier to find the website in the future. The decrease in phone calls will save you time.


Text a Link

Reply to SMS messages with a link to your online booking page. When a customer contacts you via text message, you can simply send them the URL to your booking page. This will encourage them to book online, furthermore, you can avoid inefficient SMS date ping-pong.

appointment booking system SMS


If all else fails:


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Unsure how to make the most of your booking page? Check out this video!

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