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10to8 Salon Scheduling Software has over 1,800 partners working in the beauty industry. 10to8 makes it easy for smaller businesses and larger salons to manage their client base and simplify everyday life. We are all about saving you time and money!

Our Scheduling Software is very popular with hairdressers, beauticians, makeup, tattoo and nail artists, because of the range of useful features, which can help beauty professionals do their job and worry about nothing else.

With 10to8 you can take online bookings, send out notifications to remind customers avoid no-shows, and thus improve communication and better coordinate with clients than ever before.


Online Booking = Saving Time and Money

If you are a small business or even just yourself, then you know the drill with phone bookings. Since you’re a small business, your customers enjoy the intimacy, the great conversations going on while the service is perfectly done. But then the phone rings, you need to answer it so you can arrange a booking for another customer, you excuse yourself and receive the call. You get interrupted, intimacy is lost, and the more clients you get, the worse it becomes.

If you are a bigger fish and have a receptionist to take the calls, that might feel like a solution at first glance, but actually, it is not that much better. A receptionist could do so much more than picking up the phone e.g. offer your clients with a seat, serve them coffee, make small-talk – hence build your brand.

Online appointment scheduling is an effective approach to make bookings. Nowadays everybody goes online, since this is the quickest and most comfortable way to get things done. Your customer can book when on a meeting, while travelling onnoisy public transport, getting ready to go to bed or even during the weekend or bank holidays. Their job is to book a free slot in your online calendar, and yours is to do what you’re good at: make them beautiful. You only need to set up the list of your services, their duration and your hours, then sit back and wait for the bookings to happen. Sounds great, huh?


Avoid no-shows

If online booking wouldn’t be enough on its own, 10to8 provides a great reminder service as well. Your customers don’t only get a notification in case of confirmation – or rejection -, but you can also set SMS and email reminders to make sure they don’t forget about their upcoming appointment.

Wait, there’s more! You can track if they opened the message, so no-shows become more predictable and avoidable: you can send out follow-up messages to learn what’s going on. No more sitting around, waiting for your client to show up, while wasting precious time, losing money and patience.


Free. Forever. Seriously.

The best part is that 10to8 Salon Scheduling Software is free forever for the small businesses, that don’t receive more than 100 bookings a month and have no more than 2 staff members to add. Emails and SMS messages with a default text are also included. If you need more appointments, staff members, or want more features, you can get a 30-day free trial version of our paid plans too!.

Beautiful isn’t it.

Start Taking Bookings Online

Create your branded online booking page, benefit from automated SMS & Email reminders, rid your business of wasted time, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.

No credit card required; free & easy setup.

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