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Have you ever wondered how to make your tourism agency even more appealing? How to manage group bookings at the busiest of times? What to do to attract tourists in the silly seasons? We bet you have. Click To Tweet 10to8 appointment booking software is the solution you’ve been waiting for; it helps you with scheduling tours when clients are turning up on your doorstep without any effort, and when you are in trouble filling up your calendar.  

Manage group bookings

With 10to8 you can specify the size of any group bookings that you permit, which is very useful if you offer different services like museum visits, sightseeing tours or even exclusive guided tours for private exhibits. Taking online payments is seamless with 10to8, with PayPal, Stripe or SagePay  all being supported integrations,  

Online booking page

Setting up and customizing your very own online booking page is not only simple but effective too. It will definitely increase your visibility for potential customers, help you save some time and make it easy and convenient for tourists to book with you. Think about the internet as the Louvre, people probably came to see the Mona Lisa and the Sphinx, if they go there, but a map to get to them most certainly help. Your clients-to-be are already out there, searching for an exciting, touristy activity, you just need to direct them somewhere, where they can actually book. That’s what they came for. The multilingual feature of 10to8 is just the cherry on top for most customers, but for a tourism agency, it’s a must-have. People landing on your booking page will see it translated to their browser’s default language, furthermore, if they book an appointment, they will get all the notifications and reminders in that language. We support 20+ languages at the moment, and counting!  

The ant and the cricket

Since you were busy all year, collecting customers and their contact details, if they opted in to be contacted, you can send them an email campaign straight from 10to8, to tell them about discounts, or you can integrate your online scheduler with other CRM tools. This is how we help you fill up your calendar, and turn silly season into busy season. Find out more about 10to8’s features and find the suitable plan for your business.

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