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Case Study: Virtual Student Engagement With 10to8 Online Class Scheduling Software

Universities, tutoring institutions and private teachers trust 10to8 Student Engagement Platform with their virtual classes, consultations and mentoring sessions.

At a time when virtual engagement is the only safe kind of engagement, it is important that you still make the most of these e-touchpoints so your students feel cared for, from enrollment to graduation.

Many universities and colleges struggle, however, with transitioning to a fully remote student engagement environment. In this case study, we’ll discuss how 10to8 is delivering great results for universities and teachers worldwide.


The challenges of student engagement

Coordinating with administrators and teachers from many departments is stressful and confusing. Making sure that everybody’s availability is correct and calendars are in sync is just the tip of the iceberg. Your staff members will also need appropriate permission levels to see and manage student appointments.

Once the scheduling part is finally done, you still can’t be sure whether the appointment will happen or if it will turn into a no-show. According to a recent survey carried out among 321 universities showed that student appointment no-shows can reach up to 23%. It goes without saying that this results in a tremendous amount of wasted time, money, resources and stress.

Online class scheduling, indeed, can be even more difficult than face-to-face student consultations. In addition to the existing coordination headaches with staff and students, in a virtual environment the problem of timezone differences arises too.

“We were having trouble with Google Appointments not giving its users the proper time zone without going into their settings. We were getting appointments scheduled at the wrong times, and people showing up very late for their appointments.” – explained a staff member from the University of Central Arkansas.

Such coordination issues result in even more missed appointments and frustration and it becomes even more difficult to provide the same level and quality of student engagement.

Even if you manage to get the scheduling part sorted with a simple calendar tool, you’ll still need effective reminders and a way to host virtual appointments effectively.. Enter:10to8 Online Class Scheduling Software!


Online Class Scheduling Software for Universities

The solution for online class scheduling

10to8 can deal with complicated, irregular and recurring schedules and offers 2-way calendar sync with Outlook, Exchange, and Office 365 amongst others. It can deal with staff members and students spread across multiple timezones so that you can wave goodbye to confusion.

The automated SMS, email and voice reminders can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by up to 90%. What’s more, you can see delivery details on such messages, so you can spot potential no-shows ahead of time.

“It has reduced our no-shows to nearly ZERO, and the ease of scheduling online has reduced our workload considerably.”

The University of Central Arkansas can now focus on quality student care instead of frustrating appointment management and administration.

“10to8 has helped us become more efficient with our time and allows us to spend more time putting the student first” – says Kathleen Smith, Business Services Manager at the College of William & Mary.

The College of William & Mary utilizes 10to8 to assist with enrolment, student counseling, and increase student engagement with tutors and support staff. Their employees now spend their time more productively and deliver a better experience for their students.

“I tutor elocution online, working on an hourly basis, charging individually to students. I needed flexibility and a modern booking platform.” – explains Pauline Midwinter, who previously used another booking system that didn’t quite have the capabilities she needed. (See her 10to8 video review here.)

10to8’s automated reminders significantly reduced student no-shows in Pauline’s business, so she can now focus on tutoring and student engagement instead of admin and follow-up tasks.

10to8 seamlessly integrates with Zoom Video Conferencing making virtual student engagement a breeze. Not only that, but study material, documentation and screen sharing are sorted too. Other app integrations such as payment and accounting integrations, make it easy for tutoring institutions to collect payments or automate tedious admin tasks.


How 10to8 fits in with your university

10to8 Student Engagement Platform can help you throughout the student journey, from enrollment to graduation, regardless of the types of appointments you take. Be it face-to-face consultations, virtual classes or student counselling, 10to8 will deliver.

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