How Can You Create The “We’ve Been Expecting You” Experience

When it comes to purchasing products and services, customers are often presented with countless options to choose from.

Providing personalized services is the gateway to exceptional customer experience. But how do you achieve that for your business? Click To Tweet

Providing personalized services is the gateway to exceptional customer experience. But how do you achieve that for your business?

Building a digital customer database is a simple and effective way to know key information about your clients and create a tailor-made experiences based on their personal preferences. If you have a scheduling tool, you can collect data from the first interaction, namely the appointment booking. This gives you a head start when it comes to connecting with your customer.

Creating the “We’ve been expecting you” customer service experience is about understanding and paying attention to your clients’ needs.

Be where your customers are

Your customers choose the channels where they want to engage with a business, so be present on that channel, instead of trying to win them over to your prefered platform. For example, you can wait for the phone to ring all day to receive a booking, but if your clients expect an online scheduling tool, that’s what you need to offer.

Cherish every interaction

You get to know your audience with every phone call, online booking, text message and appointment. So gather all the data you can during these events and use it. The next time this customer shows up, you can great them using their name and offer a service that they might like based on their previous bookings and preferences. Customers love being remembered and cared about.

Empower your staff

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if a knowledgeable person helps them, it helps to build trust at a time when trust in businesses is at an all time low.

Provide your employees with the tools and training they need, so they will be able to give thorough information, tailor personalized services and come up with creative solutions that truly suits the client.

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