The Mysterious Universe Of Feature Requests

What happens to your feedback and feature requests?

If you have ever written to support, sent us feedback or requested a specific feature, then you probably have heard that we have passed this on to the right folks here at 10to8 scheduler software. However, what does that actually mean, and what happens to the feedback or feature request you submitted?

If you are using Intercom to talk to your customers, you might be familiar with the option to tag conversations, if not, let me give you a quick explanation of what this option does. With tags you can easily add a bookmark to a specific message received. You can then search for all tagged messages, for example, ‘Feature Request’. You can also do cool things, such as trigger actions based on a tag being added.

We have two tags that we use the most, ‘Feature Request’ and ‘Customer Feedback’. Once a message is tagged with either one of these tags, the conversation is being pushed into Shipright. This is a tool that helps us to categorize feedback and quickly analyze the requests we receive.

Once in Shipright myself or one of my colleagues goes through all the feedback we’ve received, highlighting and categorising the feedback to help provide a helpful summary. This process is important, as it allows us to see all messages we have received for example about the availability tab.

We look at the requested features’ and feedback regularly, and based on a number of factors, such as how many customers find the given feature important or how long would it take to make that happen, we as a team decide what to do next. When the new feature or improvement is deployed, a blog article is written about it, and we always include the new feature article in our monthly newsletter.

Now that you know how it works, you can rest assured that your feedback is taken into consideration. It might not be tomorrow or next week, but if your dream-feature is requested by others too, it will be in 10to8 scheduler software soon.

It might not be tomorrow or next week, but if your dream-feature is requested by others too, it will be in 10to8 scheduler software soon. Click To Tweet

If you have a feature request at any time, reach out to us via and you will be listened to.


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Marcel is the Customer Service Manager here at 10to8. He joined in 2016 and is working on a day to day basis to resolve customer questions/issues.

Marcel is currently also studying for a degree in management so he can help with growing the support team at 10to8.

Marcel Wundrich

Head of Customer Service, 10to8 Scheduling Software

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