When People Start To Prepare For Summer?

New Year’s resolutions encourage people all around the world to sign up for a gym membership, hire a personal trainer or join a fitness class. But there’s another season when personal trainer scheduling software can come in handy.

If you are a sports professional living in a country with 4 seasons, then you know, that spring is the second busiest time. People try on their outfits from last summer and realise they don’t fit anymore, or just decide that they want to look better in swimwear this summer than last time.

According to our statistics gathered from gyms, personal trainers, and all kinds of sports professionals in 2016 and 2017 showed a clear increase in appointments and classes being booked from April. Interestingly the most appointments are scheduled mid-summer; the peak month in 2016 was July, in 2017 August.  

Personal trainer software is useful all year round, especially in peak times. With 10to8 online booking software you can get rid of time-consuming admin, by letting your clients book the time slots that work for both them and you, without constantly receiving calls. Automated appointment reminders will also save you time and reduce no-shows. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the benefits of 2-way-chat, and solve more complicated issues with clients in no time without actually having to call them. If the appointment is booked, you can collect payments online – nobody likes leaving their wallets in the locker room.

Our statistics’ indicate that people tend to lose interest in working out around Click To Tweet

Our statistics’ indicate that people tend to lose interest in working out around September-October. Which means that you need to inspire your clients to keep attending your 1-to-1 services or group sessions. With 10to8 personal trainer scheduling software you can run email campaigns to those who previously opted in to be contacted. This way you can keep them motivated or let them know about a discount.

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