Why Your Business Will Fail Without A Website

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Store closures are unfortunately becoming more common, as traditional store chains struggle to attract foot traffic with a growing number of consumers choosing to shop online. Gap Inc. for instance will close roughly 200 poorly performing Gap and Banana Republic stores in the next three years.

For the case in point, let’s look at the much loved British multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer Next.

Like many high street retailers, Next, are worryingly encountering dwindling in-store sales. Yet, the established high street retailer has again reported a boost in sales for Q2. Where are these sales coming from? The answer is simple, their website of course.

The British high street chain reported that online sales rose by 12.5% in the 26 weeks to July 28, which offset declining in-store sales which fell by an alarming 5.9%.

This frightening dimisie is not exclusively impacting the retail sector. While your business may not be a seemingly ever-present high street fixture a website for your business is a must. Here are just 3 key takeaways as to why;

  1. Your Customers Expect It

Customers and prospects alike expect to be able to find out more about your business online. What’s more, if you’re selling a product or service, then, of course, they expect your website to be transactional.

  1. It Builds Trust

It’s all fake news, a phrase we’ve all heard a lot recently. However, we are now seeing that distrust among consumers at an all-time high, we’ve seen an implosion of trust. With an online presence, you can help to tackle this head-on and build trust through the power of reviews.

  1. No Online Presence Means No Online Sales

It’s obvious, right? To compound this point, in 2017 46.8% of the global population accessed the internet and by 2021 this figure is projected to grow to 53.7%.

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Now that we’ve established that, a more prominent question arises, do you have a digital marketing strategy to grow your business online this year?
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Craig, is the International Marketing Manager at 10to8, with over 10 years’ digital marketing experience.

At 10to8 Craig devises and oversees multi-channel marketing campaigns, and plays a pivotal role in growing the business. Throughout Craig’s most recent career history he’s specialised in successfully growing tech start-ups.

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