Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more
Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more

Living Fiercely Loved

Rediscover your Identity - A 3 Month Bootcamp

About Living Fiercely Loved

Living Fiercely Loved provides Christian woman with a rediscovery of their purpose and identity. I do this by mixing coaching, counseling, and inner healing to help you find your power, voice, purpose, and identity. I walk with you every step of the way encouraging you as you encounter the unique way God speaks to You!


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NOTE: Payment is per monthly payment (3 payments in total)

Cancellation policy

Failure to make timely payment and/or communicate via email delays in payment, will result in the immediate cancellation of said agreement. This will require a new contract to be signed before continuing coaching sessions. It is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Coach within 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session if the client cannot attend the session. Should 24 hour cancellation not be provided, the client will be billed for the missed session unless a request to reschedule the appointment is submitted by the Client. The Coach will wait 15 minutes of the session before noting the Client will not be participating in the appointed session.