Wayne - Wedding Gown - Initial Fitting

About SewRob

SewRob offers custom tailoring for men, women, and children. We do prefer appointments, but walk-ins will be accommodated as scheduling allows.

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SewRob’s turnaround time is dictated by our production volume. The average turnaround time is 14 days, but is subject to change based on seasonal volume. Single items with a single operation, such as 1 pant hem, can be scheduled for a 7 day turnaround.

Items needed before SewRob’s current production schedule will be subject to an overtime fee to be pushed ahead of already committed orders.

SewRob prefers new garments to be cleaned based on care label instructions and personal garment care habits before tailoring. Fabrics can shrink during the cleaning process; laundering/dry cleaning before tailoring can prevent future fit problems. It is required that all worn garments be laundered or dry cleaning prior to fitting and tailoring. If not, you will be charged for cleaning and the promised pick up date may be delayed.

Once your order is processed and you are provided a detailed work order, including cost estimate, there will be a cancellation fee of $8.50 per item.

SewRob would love to be able to educate clients on a variety of topics and possibilities based on your specific garment and occasion needs. Special occasion garments, such as wedding gowns, Bat Mitzvah dresses, Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom gowns, tuxedos and other black-tie-event apparel are subject to a consultation fee based on the rate of $82.50 per hour. Wedding gowns specifically will be subject to a first time consultation/fitting fee.

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Select the location and the item(s) that you need to bring. Select the specialist. Select the available date/time. Provide your name, email address, phone number, and wear date (if applicable). Wait for a confirmation email from SewRob.


About this appointment

Please read the following before submitting your appointment request for a wedding gown fitting: All first time wedding gown fittings are subject to a $50 consultation fee. This is subject to change based on the length of the consultation/fitting. SewRob requires a $200 deposit for all wedding gowns, and to pay-as-you-go, for each fitting. You must provide the wedding date and a brief description of the gown/work required before your appointment request will be considered. Wedding gowns typically require a minimum of 4 fittings, with a minimum of 8 weeks. SewRob requires you to have the exact shoes and undergarments for fitting before any work can proceed. Consider weight change when selecting your shoes/undergarments and when selecting a date for the initial consultation/fitting. SewRob’s typical policy is to release the dress only 1 week before your wedding day, due to any possible weight change.