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Book House Viewings 24/7 with 10to8 Real Estate Software

Almost a thousand people working in real estate or estate agency in the UK use 10to8 for their appointment scheduling needs. Wonder if your competitors on the list? Click To TweetAlmost a thousand people working in real estate or estate agency in the UK use 10to8 for their appointment scheduling needs. Wonder if your competitors on the list?

Growing your business with the help of real estate software can make you stand out from the crowd and keep you on top of your game.

In the last few years there has been a significant increase in the popularity of online booking compared to appointment scheduling over the phone. Regardless of industry, people prefer online booking, since it is quicker and easier than waiting for somebody to pick up the phone and play date pingpong to find a suitable slot. Furthermore, a booking page is ready for scheduling, unlike a receptionist who only takes calls in office hours.

Potential buyers or tenants-to-be go online when looking for the perfect place to move in, and they prefer staying there when reaching out to estate agents and realtors. Your agents need to be available at the moment of search, even if it was Twas the night before Christmas. Real Estate Agent Software

Enterprises and businesses alike using 10to8 can receive bookings any hour of the day, any day of the week. They are also the ones, who serve their clients at the moment of need, not when the a member of staff is in the office and ready to take calls. Their agents probably address the serious enquiries sooner, show them around a couple of stunning homes and are therefore more likely to close a deal earlier, allbecause they were in the right place at the right time: online 24/7.

Using 10to8 online booking software is not only more convenient for your clients, but more efficient too. Your agents’ calendar will always be fully booked and synced, thus they will always know where they need to to be and when. Agents can have control over their own schedule, however, you can also limit their access roles as you see fit.

By setting up buffer times between bookable slots, your agents will be able to drive from A to B without being late from the next appointment. To appear even more professional, agents can add notes to clients, like needs, budget, the visited venues or status of deal. With the added benefit of automated SMS and email reminders, you can rest assured that vendors will not forget about their upcoming viewing. . Cancellations and rescheduling will go seamlessly without long phone conversations, and no-shows can be reduced by 90%.  

10to8 real estate software has the feature set to take your business to new and exciting heights! There are pre-structured Paid Plans available, but if your enterprise needs something tailor-made, book an appointment with Sales and let’s create a Bespoke Plan together.

There’s always room for further improvements. Opt for online booking software and leave your competitors behind sitting by the phone.

Bring your appointment no-show rate down to 1.7% today!

Businesses using 10to8 see 80% fewer no-shows than industry averages over 8-9% (based on usage data from 25,000+ businesses)

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