Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more
Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more



WilderSoul is a nature-based guiding, consulting and coaching practice designed to help individuals cultivate deep wholeness and Self-healing to live lives of greater meaning in service to the world. Discover treasure hidden in the field of your own wild depths. Live more fully into your one true life that awaits. Lead from a place of profound compassion, resilience and imagination. Matt Syrdal is an ordained minister who comes out of the Christian mystical tradition and is a Animas Valley Institute "Wild Mind" trained nature-based human development guide and an apprentice in the Soulcraft Adult Initiation Program. Besides soul-based coaching, Matt is a writer, artist and poet who offers multi-day nature-based intensives, retreats and workshops around the country.


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    9720 U.S. 85, Littleton, CO, USA