Evenstar Wellbeing

Evenstar Wellbeing will help you to bring health and wellbeing back in your life. We work with you on any aspect of your wellbeing that you want to improve – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – and use Reiki and other energy healing techniques to enhance your innate ability to heal yourself.

We love to help our clients regain balance, focus, peace and energy in all aspects of their lives.


Online / Phone

Our Premises
  • Eastern Suburbs Studio @ Evenstar Wellbeing Canterbury

    2 Knox St, Canterbury VIC 3126, Australia

  • Western Suburbs Studio @ Challis Centre Newport

    43 Challis St, Newport VIC 3015, Australia

  • Bellarine Studio @ Evenstar Wellbeing Ocean Grove

    4 Sunrise Cl, Ocean Grove VIC 3226, Australia