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Adanac Images & Luis' Photography

Welcome! You can use this site to book a portrait appointment with Adanac Images in St. Marys OR at Luis' Photography Studio in Strathroy.

INSTRUCTIONS - Select a portrait session option from the list below. Click on "See Details" to learn more about each option. Choose carefully! (Each option has different features.) Click on "See Times" for the portrait session option you are interested in. Grade 12 students will need to choose their school from the list.

Choose ONE appointment time and enter your personal details to complete the booking. Be sure to enter your full first and last name and the name of the school you attend. If you are making the booking for someone else, enter their name, not yours. Enter a personal email address (not your school email address) that is checked regularly. The information you provide us is only used to send you reminder notices as your appointment gets closer. We won't spam you or sell your personal information! Don't enter a bogus email address or mobile number as this will likely result in your appointment being cancelled.

If there is a fee involved with your portrait session you have the option to pay the fee when you book your appointment online or you can pay when you arrive for your appointment.

Within minutes of completing your booking you will receive an email and text message confirming your appointment. (Check your junk / spam folder.) If you don't receive these messages something went wrong and you should likely try booking again.

Please note we have implemented new COVID-19 safety protocols for everyone's protection during the pandemic. You will receive a copy of these safety protocols via email and text shortly after you book your appointment.


Our Premises

  • 766 Queen St E, St. Marys, ON Canada

  • 218 Front St E, Strathroy, ON N7G 1Z1, Canada