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Angela Carmichael Smith (Anestea Services LLC)

Wholistic Core Resilience. Self-Care. Self-Defense

WHolistic Coaching and Training Focoused on Movement Mindfulness and Resilance.

Fun, safety focused ways to Mental and Physical Resilience while providing very important skills that leads to Increases Physical energy, Mental awareness and Personal Motivated.

Programs designed to destress, tone and vitalize. You will be empowered, and productive in your work/life as well as little dangerous.

I took my lifetime of being Active, added my years of Holistic Nursing, With my Black belt Martials arts Training, and Crossfit to come up with a Lifestyle Fitness Programs called Core Resilience & Fabulous FIT Fierce

My Movement Sessions will lead you to Increased Movement Confidence, Strength, and Awareness.

My Mindfulness Sessions will lead to feeling Energized with a since of Assurance in your everyday life Activities.

You will be lead to a sense of Wellness, Balance, and Self Confidence.

My Passion is to introduce you to your WHolistic Self and Your WHolistic Life.

My Goal is to Support You and Your life and Assist You in Making Your Lifestyle work for You.

My Mission is to Helping You find the Tools of Your Life that Support You.

I Do not Want to just Open Doors for You, I want to Give you Tools to motivate you to Open doors for Yourself


Online / Phone

My skype handle is test123

Our Premises

  • 619 Robert Jemison Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209, USA