Ennhance your life with a bit of help from Ashishveda.

Ashishveda ayurvedic clinic offers consultations and traditional treatments, focusing on our highly-personalised Panchakarma experience.

Ashishveda’s treatments are traditional detoxifying, rejuvenating and rebalancing to return you to your best health and well-being.

Situated in quiet locations in and around London all our treatments are prepared uniquely for you, and can be adapted according to your changing situation.

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Initial Ayurvedic Consultation (60 mins)

It is imperative that you undertake a consultation before the commencement of any treatment. Your initial consultation will consist of an in-depth assessment of your health, medical history, diet and lifestyle. Traditional techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis will be used to draw a diagnosis of your health and pin point any problem areas. You will also be advised on further treatments and herbs to be taken according to your constitution. The analysis will help to diagnose the root cause of your dosha imbalance. This will allow your practitioner to select the treatments they believe to be appropriate. You will receive a tailor-made treatment plan that may include simple advice on diet and lifestyle. This may include what supplements could be beneficial to you, or any physical and psychological treatments such as massage, meditations or emotional counselling.

No treatment can be started without a consultation. Consultations can be carried out online.


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