2. Prep Appointment

About this appointment

PREP (1-2 Hours): I want to review my tool paths or ask questions about my project.


The Boston Architectural College offers students access to cutting edge digital fabrication tools. The CNC is a Computer Numerically Controlled router. Through the use of CAD and CNC tool path generating software, we convert 2D line drawings and 3D models into a numerical language (g-code) and cut your model out of a solid material.

There are 3 steps to using the CNC machine:

1) Orientation: where we discuss the machines and their capabilities

2) Prep: we sit down and look at your drawing or model and discuss the best approach for its fabrication. (this can take more than one appointment)

3) Cut: based on our software's cut time estimate we book a separate day to fabricate your model. (Cut appointments are scheduled by operators only after a filed has been reviewed and approved to be cut.)

Please Note: This is a professional service offered to students free of charge and we ask that students respect both the tools and the operators time by showing up in a timely fashion and cleaning up after themselves when their model is completed.

Cancellation policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you miss 2 appointments, or cancel with less than 24 hours CNC privileges will be revoked for the semester.