Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more
Every appointment is a conversation. Find out more


Dog Training and Puppy Care

About this appointment

Select the time and provide details of what you would like to achieve for the service you are requesting so we can confirm your booking, or email/call contact@EmmanuelleChaix.com / +44 (0)7957 327 904. We look forward to seeing your dog!

About EmmanuelleChaix

EmmanuelleChaix is a BEST LONDON dog company.

We provide top dog walking, dog day care, dog training and puppy care, dog grooming, dog photography, and dog filming services for Kensington and Chelsea and London overall.

We provide an initial assessment and evaluation of your dog’s behaviours to best fit with the day-to-day interactions. Free up your time and get the best lifestyle for your dog.

An initial quote is offered for all appointments, submit your Booking request below and we will give you a quote, you can submit your preferred dates as you wish without commitment, for total flexibility. It's a click away.

Cancellation policy

See EmmanuelleChaix T&C (Terms and Conditions) on the website www.EmmanuelleChaix.com.

A Cancellations Policy applies for cancellations, changes/rescheduling and pausing services.