Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more
Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more


Master Superior Power

I'm a hypercompetent wellness and enlightenment coach and influencer empowering overworked bankers and entrepreneurs to lose weight, conquer stress and get healthy and fit. My refined, practical and highly effective approach caters to the needs of extremely busy professionals. Are you ready to transcend your current limitations and put your attention on improving your well-being on all levels?

Why do you want to work with me? Because I can feel your pain. I'm an entrepreneur myself, and I am an ex-banker. I know that although it is rewarding, it can be very demanding and draining. I also know that time is your most precious and limited resource, your lifestyle and schedule may be erratic, and having a healthy body and a calm and focused mind will magnify your professional success and life satisfaction.

That's why my approach will help you achieve your weight, health and fitness goals from as little as one 15-minute workout a week and a satisfying and flexible way of eating. You will be able to enjoy mental clarity and a sharp mind with mindfulness naturally integrated into your schedule.

All that you want to achieve, is totally doable, with the right intent and support. So, let's get you from 'maybe' through 'I can' to 'I am'.


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