Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more
Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more


True Inner Mastery

True Inner Mastery is an experiential life coaching workshop founded by Sri Nithya Poornananda (Poornaji), CEO & Founder of TrueMedicines Inc to empower and elevate individuals seeking a new level of achievement and fulfillment in their personal growth.

In 2013, Poornaji experienced a powerful shift that brought intense happiness and extraordinary levels of clarity and empowerment. Many individuals close to him started experiencing dramatic successes in their lives and at their request he started sharing the truths that helped him achieve this space of fulfillment. He has taught these techniques to technology executives at Facebook, Google and other investment firms.

Prior to starting True Inner Mastery, he headed a 501(3)c non-profit meditation and yoga center in Bay Area. As a technology executive, he worked at companies such as Tesla Motors, VMWare and Intuit.

Sri Nithya Poornananda is a great inspiration to many, a highly conscious blissful being, a fun and friendly self-help coach, and mindfulness teacher. Sri Nithya Poornananda has helped hundreds of executives in the Bay Area and around the world with tapping into their latent power to get exactly what they wanted in their lives combining newly revived principles of ancient neuroscience with modern technology.


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