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Damian Stoupe Counselling

Things are not normal just now. We are living through a time of uncertainty and change. Homelife, worklife and our relationships are changing because of the uncertainty caused by the virus and on-going economic turmoil. Most us want certainty and predictability in our lives; we do not like change. When forced to change we feel stress, confusion, frustration, anger and even fear. Counselling is often thought of as a way of resolving mental health problems. It is, but it can also be so much more; counselling can be a like bootcamp for developing mental fitness and to help prevent poor mental health.

Talking to a counsellor, like Damian, helps you explore what is happening to you, to understand how you have arrived at this point, and importantly, helps you find a way out! Counselling helps you develop new approaches to life, new ways of thinking, new habits and new ways of relating to other people, especially those we care about most.

Counselling should be transformational. I will listen to you and work with you to determine what the problem is, and the contexts in which it appears and help find a way for you to transform your life beyond what it is and identify what it might become.


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