Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more
Running your own business? Let your clients book 24/7. Find out more

About this appointment

I love working with pregnant families! My goal is to support pregnant mommas and their families and to lessen any fear and discomfort that may be present.

The pregnancy package consists of 5 treatments to use anytime throughout your pregnancy or for post-natal healing. Generally, I suggest one session per trimester for working on aches and pains and the changes your body is going thru. These sessions include the famous "happy baby point" to help your baby be the smiliest it can :) One session is for you and your birth partner with hands-on instruction to help you throughout the birthing process.

If an alternative to induction is your need I generally suggest four (4) back to back sessions.

At times I am also available to provide care during the birthing process. Please confirm for this service.

Issues we can address pre-natally include: hip and low back pain, acid reflux, generalized stress / anxiety/ depression, turning a breech baby, placenta previa, alternatives to induction, and using Chinese Medicine to deal with illnesses that happen during pregnancy to avoid pharmaceuticals.

There is a pregnancy mat available so you can lay on your belly for some back relief.

Cancellation policy

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. I make slots for each individual person for 1 hour so if you miss your appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged $45 (if there is an emergency let me know). If you are sick please come in, a treatment will help you feel better.