Laurel M. Sofia-Ravens

At Laughing Tara Living Arts we work with people who are passionate about life but exhausted and overwhelmed by the way they are living. We help them to create a life in which they can truly thrive.

Apply for one of Laurel's Free "Love Your Life" Discovery Session's below where you will....

1. Get Clarity about what steps you need to take to be in alignment with your self, your passion, and how to love your life again.

2. Discover the #1 thing that’s keeping you from living the life you’d love to live.

3. Identify the most powerful methods for sustaining the life you truly want.

You can learn more about Laurel Marie Sofia-Ravens at her website. If you would like to be considered for an in person session, simply make your appt and Laurel will get back to you shortly.


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