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Niamo, The HealMobile

Your Soul uses YOU as its vehicle for Success. If you don't feel aligned and "sourced" 100% of the time, YOUR HEALMOBILE may need a tune-up. Let us unify all your parts -- the body-mind-spirit-emotions-relationships-community and environment that is yours -- into the unique and powerful ONE who is YOU. The world is demanding it.

As your HealMobile vehicle driver, I provide intuitive energy tools--pure oils, for example-- to help optimize YOU, YOUR HEALTH and YOUR BEST DIRECTION.

If heartbreak, job loss, poor health, sudden change or surgery are like gray clouds on your horizon, enlist my energy counsel to redirect you on your path. I want to see you rev, zoom, soar, and fly.

TOOLS: Reiki. Aroma Freedom. Tapping (EFT). Spiritual Guidance and Energy Direction. "Free Your Feelings" personalized sessions.

I am an insured Healing Touch Professional.

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My skype handle is: soulsays

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  • 2167 Kay Ave, Union, NJ 07083, USA