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Waterford Inc.

Achieving both business AND environmental sustainability requires a focus on developing your strongest asset -- your people.

At Waterford, we have a firm footing in both business and sustainability.

Waterford's Mission is to be a strategic resource to you in connecting the dots between your business strategy, market dynamics, and sustainability goals -- all anchored by the talented team members who pilot your organizational ship forward.

What differentiates Waterford is our specialized experience and expertise in sustainability. We partner with our clients on developing and sustaining more effective leaders, teams, organizations, communities, regions, and geographic places.

In turn, these successes advance our goal of a more sustainable planet.

Clients include both technical/scientific professionals and organizations in land use (mixed use, entitlements), regional planning, parks, infrastructure, watersheds, sewers, stormwater, transit, transportation, clean tech, energy, utilities, conservation, forestry, and placemaking through sustainable tourism and cultural tourism.

Schedule a time to meet with CEO & Founder Beth Offenbacker, PhD, CPCC to discuss your individual or organizational goals and questions. Our team is ready to support you in achieving professional and organizational success.


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