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Dr Alex 1-2-1 @ The Concorde Clinic

** Dr Alex is a unique, ground-breaking professional who has created and developed new paradigms of Medicine and Psychology which can be helpful when you have reached a limit with other approaches. Alongside, Dr Alex has also further developed Specialist Naturopathic & Functional Medicine - taking these important approaches to a new level. **

This is the booking site for Dr Alex's FACE-TO-FACE Clinic -

**CURRENTLY WE ARE WORKING BY ZOOM AND BY PHONE ONLY** and only accepting new patients for full programmes. Please see for details & contact… We Triage for free!

For non-locals, and people who can't or prefer not to travel, please click here to book an appointment to work with Dr Alex by phone or skype.

ABOUT DR ALEX: Dr Alex is unusual in being both General Medical Council and General Naturopathic Council Registered.

As well as her MD, and 20 years of training in Naturopathic & Psychological Medicine, she holds an Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Nutritional Medicine, a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a Wellcome-Trust sponsored PhD in four different disciplines - Microbiology, Pathology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics - underpinning her specialism in Complex Multi-pathological / Multi-disciplinary / Multi-modality Medicine.

Dr Alex is the Founder of the Institute for Individual, Mind-Body & Biographical Medicine – which is the only Body concerned with how an Individual Person can have the same ‘label’ (condition) as someone else, but yet it be entirely different in make up.

She is also a Founding Member of The British Society for Integrative Oncology, Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, and has Memberships in Clinical Psycho-neuroimmunology / Psycho-neuroendocrinology (PNI/PNE - Specialist Mind-Body Medicine), Neuro-Immunomodulation, Microbiology, Applied Bio-Physiology, Cellular Biology, Applied Psychology and Positive Psychology.

She has had the privilege of being 'Top UK Therapist', ‘Top UK Clinical Research Scientist (CAM)’ & 'Top 50 Wellbeing Guru (UK)'. She is an international keynote speaker, and holds an MBA which she puts to good use mentoring major healthcare strategists worldwide.

Dr Alex has been featured in every major UK newspaper, has been quoted on major news channels, & was the only Physician featured in a special Sunday Times publication called 'The Future'. She was also honoured to be the only Medical Doctor to receive an invitation to a special event for 'British Innovators in Science & Medicine' at Buckingham Palace, hosted by H.M. The Queen – in the company of esteemed innovators such as Theoretical Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, & Beagle 2 & Rosetta Scientist, Colin Billinger.

** Please email us if you wish to attend Dr Alex's face-to-face Clinic in London or Liverpool. **


Our Premises

  • Whitehead - Directions will be sent on booking