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FIDE Master & FIDE trainer Charlie Storey PGCE is the UK's most qualified & successful chess teacher and rated over 3000 at

One of the best speed chess players in the UK. A proven track record of developing the best chess playing aged 6-14 year old kids in the UK.

Chess lessons via Skype and screenshare of his chessbase teaching resources.

Charlie is England International Junior Team Coach having done 4 International assignments in 2018, a qualified FIDE Trainer, winner of over 160 Chess OPEN events and has a proven track record of developing the UK's best chess juniors taking them from age 8-15 to FIDE Master strength.

Charlie is also creator of The Chess Opening System 'The Sniper' and ChessBase Author and creator of 'The Sniper' and 'The White Sniper'. The only Chess Master in the UK who is also a qualified and Trained Teacher guaranteeing your chess child an excellent chess education.


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