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​​Deliver Us From Evil provides ​​ Paranormal Assistance, The Rite of Exorcism, plus Counseling Services ​at no cost to our clients. ​We are committed to providing you help in your circumstances without outrageous expenses or unnecessary costs. We maintain a Biblical standard of helping those in need. Deliver Us From Evil also recognizes that incidents of unknown origins or paranormal phenomenon can be frightening. ​Whether the phenomenon is normal or paranormal, the goal of each case is to alleviate these fears by providing information to our clients to help them understand what they are experiencing. We will comprehensively research, investigate and document all reports of paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty and discretion.

Each member is thoroughly trained in all areas of responsibility and performs every service provided by Deliver Us From Evil with professionalism and respect. All members follow strict protocols during all services.

All information collected during private sessions will be kept in the strictest confidence. Upon closure of cases, ​all information is disposed of for your privacy. ​


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  • San Antonio, TX, USA