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The Cleansing Space - online sessions.

My combined 14 years of experience and knowledge as a therapist of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Life and Business Coaching, Metabolic Balance® Coaching, Kinesiology, Energetic Bodywork and Reflexology, the next natural progression was to develop my therapy sessions online to support and assist my clients at The Cleansing Space near and far.

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An introductory session to gain clarity on which areas of your life you would like to focus on right now and to discuss any health issues you would like work on.


My experience and knowledge as a Colonic Hydrotherapist for many years at my clinic led me to develop this online supportive session for new and existing clients. It is an alternative to having a physical colonic session to support your system and to teach you techniques to rebalance any digestive issues you may have.

If you suffer from constipation, bloating, food intolerances, weight fluctuations, stress, anxiety, lack of motivation or heaviness, then this session is a great way to take the required steps to support your health. We look at your current digestive issues and review your diet and lifestyle, then we take the steps to look at ways to enhance your health.


Available upon request ie Liver Flush, Kidney Cleanse, Juice detoxes and detox plans for you to follow at home.


Bespoke plans designed for clients wishing to cleanse at home and to combine healthy mindful eating and gentle juicing programmes.


This renowned programme is the perfect approach for those looking to focus on any weight issues they may have in a healthy natural way, eating real food and with proven results. The programme allows you to rebalance your weight and hormones through the diet changes within a structured eating plan. A 12 week programme with support from me as your coach throughout. .


It has been a challenging year for everyone and many people have taken a step back to re evaluate where they are and where they are going or would like to be. As we find ourselves in unprecedented times I have adapted traditional style coaching to create the Conscious Reflection sessions to hold space for you to find clarity and direction in your life. To deal with the current changes and achieve new levels of happiness and fulfilment.

These sessions allow you the space to Consciously Reflect on your life (e.g. health, relationships, finances or career) so you can start to make adjustments and take the steps to move forward.

CONSCIOUS REFLECTION BUSINESS SESSION: Our sessions are held online in a safe and confidential space to give you the support you require for your business development.

I look forward to working with you in whatever session type that fits your current needs, if you are having difficulty deciding then please book a Cleansing Space Consultation where we can review what area would be most beneficial for us to work on right now.

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