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Westwood Elementary School

Welcome to Westwood Elementary, a Louisiana A+ (Arts Integrated Campus) that is currently home to 346 amazing young learners. In addition to our learners, the incredibly dedicated staff contributes largely to making Westwood a thriving school. If you are seeking a home where you are supported by a family of educators in reaching your highest potential as an educator, please set up a virtual interview today! We would be thrilled to have you on a team that's definitely on the move! A few Highlights:
2017-2018 - received Louisiana Excellence in Early Childhood Education Award
2017-2018 - 16.5-point increase in State Progress Score
2018-2019 - Recognized as a Northwest Louisiana Outstanding Performing School for increase in number of students scoring Mastery and Above on LEAP 2025


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Our Premises

  • 7325 Jewella Avenue