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Peyton is a 22 year old psychic intuitive and empath. Peyton has been reading for herself and friends for about 3-4 years. She specializes in twin flame readings and is no stranger to the twin flame journey. She also does soulmate readings, general love readings, career and general readings. Peyton grew up dancing as a pure creative but as she started opening her third eye and crown chakras, she realized she had a gift for connecting with people using Oracle cards as well as tarot cards. She likes to focus on guidance versus always just predicting futures. She has a huge love and passion for humanity and making the world a better place. As Peyton ages she would like to get more into herbal healing medicine to steer away from the push of modern day medicine! She believes in manifestation and has mastered the art of manifestation and would say she gives great advice in her readings.

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