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Dr Alex's Whitehead Clinic

Welcome to Dr Alex's Whitehead Clinic !


We're still offering discounted rates for Whitehead / Carrickfergus/Belfast Area People who want to get on Dr Alex's Patient List for this unique local resource. As well as working with people from all over the UK & ROI.


However we are only accepting New Patients onto Full Programmes, and working with them via Online Media and by phone. For more information and an idea of costs, please see\ -

Dr Alex Triages for free! This saves you paying for an initial appointment. Contact us, and we can go from there.


Once you and Dr Alex have agreed your Personal Programme, Dr Alex will let you know how to schedule any appointments that we conduct by phone or zoom. For that we are using our Secure Patient portal. \ \ To get started just email us at or text to 07888-010212, or contact us via our website and we can be on our way!



People travel from all over the world to see Dr Alex and they pay up to 8 x as much - so please seize this fabulous chance. Once she is fully booked up, there may be a long wait.


And here's Dr Alex's promise to you - if she feels she can't help you to any significant degree with the problem that you have, she will say so.

If you are in any doubt, text or email - no obligation. Dr Alex is also always happy to provide a 'steer' as to what sort of help she thinks would best suit you, if she cannot take you as a Client, or if she thinks you would be better placed using a different approach.

Please know also that this is not like normal medicine and normal psychological help / psychotherapy - if it's something Dr Alex believes she can help you with. If she doesn't know what she can do to help you, she'll say so.

What have you got to lose?! Let's get started ! Email right now.


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