Your Voice Studio

Whether you are a new singer looking to learn about your voice, or a seasoned professional gigging every night, you’ll be in safe hands at Your Voice Studio.

We believe that with the right tailored vocal exercises and instruction, you can become a better singer, regardless of your current ability level. We want to show you how to get the most out of your voice!

To do this we teach the IVA Technique, the ONLY vocal studio in Scotland with Certified IVA Instructors!

Using the IVA Technique, we can teach you how to:

• Expand your range

• Gain more control over your voice

• Get rid of strain and tension

• Improve your vocal stamina

• And gain confidence as a singer

Lessons are much more than “how to breathe”, “let’s lower the key of the song”, and instructions of “do what I do”. We give and demonstrate tailored exercises that build and strengthen your voice, working on exactly what you need to make you a better singer, fast!


Our Premises
  • Studio

    2 Links Gardens Ln, Edinburgh EH6 7JQ, UK