Pro Tips to Become a Successful Online Tutor

Teaching online has great advantages: transmitting your passion (for languages, singing, your craft), the flexible working hours, good recurrent income. But preparation is key to get your teaching off the ground and earn a recurrent income. In this short guide, we cover how to find new students, and how to keep them! Attract new students Being noticed online is ever… Read more »

A teacher shares her tips in managing her business

Tips from the field: How to make your business as a teacher and tutor worthwhile Henriette is a focused and successful violin teacher who uses 10to8 free scheduling software to optimise her time with music students. During the school term, she has regular lessons in schools which she complements with ad-hoc lessons during school holidays, where students can book… Read more »

Becoming a Private Tutor? What you need to know

Thinking about becoming a private Tutor? Private tutoring has become extremely popular in the UK, with around 1 in 4 school children receiving extra tuition outside of school hours.  Many parents opt for private lessons as a means of providing their children with extra, one-to-one help that is not always available at school. It is… Read more »