The free appointment scheduling software used by counsellors and coaches to get new clients

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10to8 gives you an instant online profile, so clients can easily see what services you offer. You can add ‘book now‘ buttons to your website, or directly take bookings from your 10to8 booking page. Buttons are also used as a “Call me back“, so the client can choose a suitable time to talk and you don’t get interrupted during a session.

It’s simple to set up and totally customisable, giving your business a professional image and complete control.


Clients can book with you from their smartphone, and leave you a message with specifications ahead of time

You can get notifications of booking requests and changes on any device. Perfect if you work on the move!

Paul Colaianni

With the ability to see immediate history of all interactions with your client in a chat-like column, the synchronization with Google Calendar (and others), the use of Zapier to integrate and communicate with other programs, and the seamless user experience, I am thrilled I kept testing other programs until I ran into the game changer that is 10to8. I Love it. The best appointment scheduling software out there.

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Whether you work in a private practice or as an independent counsellor or coach, the 10to8 online booking system can save you time in running your practice.

Less time on admin means more time focusing on helping your clients. It means never having to answer a phone call during an appointment and never keeping a client waiting. 10to8 ensures your clients have all the up-to-date information they need. No more miscommunication. No more interruptions.

See the whole appointment history together with notes straight from your account.

Access personal messages and details about your clients or sessions from the same place.


While you work, 10to8 is busy filling your online appointment scheduler, finding new clients and reducing last minute cancellations. Know exactly what prospective clients want to discuss before they come. No more miscommunication. No more meetings that waste your time.

10to8 uses interactive messages to encourage your clients to show up on time and lets you know if they don’t respond. Our users have seen no-shows drop by over 90%


Professional automatic reminders help your clients remember your meeting.

Allow clients to see the appointment history and send personal messages if needed


Small Business



$ 129.6 / month


$ 2520 / month

Bigger Business

$ 5040 / month

Prices are per month, excluding VAT.