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3 ways how using a ‘Book Now’ button will get you more appointments

A simple way to get more bookings for your business is to add a ‘book now’ button to your website. It is the recommended way to ensure that the website visitors you attract don’t leave without taking action. You can improve your conversion rate drastically by encouraging them to book in a slot with you, using an online booking system that shows your real-time availability. With the free 10to8 ‘book now’ button, your clients can click through and see your open slots without leaving your website nor having to call in. Once you’ve confirmed the booking, they’ll receive SMS appointment reminders. In this article, we show you some simple tips to increase your visibility and improve client satisfaction –including how to embed your ‘Book Now’ button in your email signature, social media pages, newsletter and ‘out of office’ emails.

Benefits of using 10to8 book now buttons:

  • Translate curious visitors into confirmed bookings in your calendar, at pre-arranged times when you have available
  • Track conversion rates (i.e. how many people saw the button, how many clicked, how many completed a booking request)
  • Track origin of leads (i.e. which marketing route is most effective to reach your target audience)



1. A ‘Book Now’ Button on your website

Choose a prominent place for it on your homepage, such as in this real example from a 10to8 customer:
designer lashes

Replicate buttons across the site
Don’t assume one single ‘Book Now’ button is enough! Give customers the opportunity to book across your site and for different services. Customers might be ready to book at different stages – try a booking button near the top of your page (or in the header) and at the bottom, once they have read about your services, like this:
booking now button on treatment page

Choose a contrasting colour
Booking buttons with 10to8 are already set up for you in a bright green – you can choose white or black text and you can customise the button wording. Even if green isn’t your brand colour, a strong contrasting or bright colour, like green, will statistically get more clicks. If you want to match the colour to your brand, create your own styled button site and link it to your 10to8 booking page.

Be short and clear with your wording
Avoid long convoluted buttons like ‘Click here now for your free first massage’. Have some clarifying copy above the button, like ‘Want to get your free massage?’, and then your simple ‘Book Now’ button underneath it. Avoid looking spammy, like all caps and numerous exclamation marks” ‘Book now FREE!!!

Context is key
Any general ‘Book now’ button should make sense in the context of the page it’s on; if you’re on the massage therapy page, you’d expect the button to link through to your massage services. Avoid any potential confusion with where buttons link to – get a few friends or even customers to try them out and give you feedback.

Track conversions & improve them
10to8 tracks how many click throughs you get from the different buttons you create. Track these carefully to see which buttons are working best, which aren’t, and experiment accordingly.

2. A ‘Book Now’ Button in your Email Newsletter and Signature

To customize your email signature, we recommend the service WiseStamp. If you’d like to add a ‘book now’ manually, here are some instructions. First, create the button in your 10to8 account and save it as an image (take a screenshot). In GMail, go to the settings icon in the top right and click on ‘settings’:
Google settings
Then, click the ‘insert image’ icon highlighted below and either upload your own button as an image (either create it in 10to8, publish it to your website and save it to your computer or take a screenshot) or by clicking on this link to download a general 10to8 ‘Book now’ button like this: book now button

Once you’ve added the image, highlight it and click on the chain-link icon next to the ‘insert image’ icon above and add a link to wherever you want the button to go (whether that’s your website or 10to8 booking page). Click save at the bottom of your settings page… and test it all works.

3. A ‘Booking Widget’ on your Facebook Business page

Another common way to ensure that your marketing on social media results in warm leads is to integrate with a booking widget. 10to8 offers a free Facebook plugin, such that visitors can click ‘Book Now’ on your page, and then see your services and free slots right on that page. It’s a one-click install, and can drastically improve customer engagement, as it bridges the gap between the content on your social media that brought new visitors and the step for them to make an inquiry. Try it now!

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