Set it & forget it enterprise integrations.

10to8 was built to work with all your essential software tools and make your business run smoother. Discover our native, third-party, and API integrations. 

Centralized enterprise integration management

Embed 10to8 into your existing workflows and work smarter, not harder.

You can set up, deploy, and manage all integrations for all users from a centralized integration management panel. Always know the status of all connections: Re-authenticate, troubleshoot, disconnect with ease.

10to8’s enterprise software comes with native and third-party integrations as well as robust APIs.

Calendar sync with your favorites

Let people stick to the calendar apps they are used to: Set up 2-way calendar sync for all your staff within minutes.

Our enterprise calendar sync allows you to connect 10to8 with Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, iCal, and Microsoft Exchange. You have full control over the calendar sync settings and you can monitor connection status from a centralized control panel.

Native Salesforce integration

Can’t live without Salesforce CRM but don’t want to enter data into two systems? With 10to8, you don’t have to!

With our native Salesforce integration, you can ensure data consistency without additional admin tasks. Sync contacts from 10to8 into Salesforce and turn appointments into revenue.

Track where prospects come from with UTM links, report on your most valuable channels, and identify drop-off points. Know your pipeline in safe hands.

Find out how 10to8’s enterprise scheduling system will fit into your organization. Book a discovery call with one of our consultants.

Easy video conferencing with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Sending out meeting room links 10 minutes before an appointment? People turning up to video calls uninvited? Customers getting confused about where their appointments will take place?

We built our native Zoom Video Conferencing and Microsoft Teams integrations to eliminate all the above. Just book the appointment and 10to8 will take care of the rest!

Each appointment will have its own, unique meeting room link so only the invited can attend. And the links will be automatically sent to the attendees and appear in calendars so attendees can hop on the meeting with ease.

Google Classroom for remote teaching

Keep students engaged and up-to-date in the virtual classroom too! Set up our native Google Classroom integration and take care of appointment scheduling and student data syncing in one go.

Add students from 10to8 to your Google Classroom groups, share important course material, and ensure that students turn up to their classes prepared.

Take appointment administration and double data entry off your plate – one less thing to worry about!

Security & convenience with Single-Sign-On (SSO)

 Students booking mentoring sessions with their university email address? NHS staff logging in to schedule patient appointments? 

The 10to8 SAML SSO will empower you to offer secure and convenient single sign-on to those who need to use your online booking platform. 

Stop unauthorized people from scheduling appointments with your organization and give easy access to your selected groups.

Find out how 10to8’s enterprise scheduling system will fit into your organization. Book a discovery call with one of our consultants.

Custom integrations with robust APIs

 Ensure data consistency with any CRM there is. Be it HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, or an in-house built bespoke CRM, our API can sync data across. 

10to8’s Enterprise API is a pleasure to work with: It is RESTful, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, and returns JSON-encoded responses. It uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs, it is encrypted with HTTPS, uses API keys to authenticate requests, and provides asynchronous webhook callbacks via Subscriptions.

Ensure data consistency across your systems, eliminate errors, double-entries, and time-consuming manual tasks. Set up 2-way sync, create and manage contacts, and maintain your database with ease.

Zapier: We’re better together

 Set up quick automations in minutes with Zapier. 10to8 integrates with thousands of apps.

Post to social media when a new appointment is booked with you to showcase how popular you are. Welcome new customers with an email campaign or a special offer. Send a message to people on your waiting list when an appointment is canceled and can be rebooked.

Mix and match, drag and drop, set and forget.