• Appointments

  • Do I need a website to use online scheduling?

    No! (but if you do have a website, we can work with that too)

    With 10to8, you get an online scheduling page where your clients can place bookings online, straight into your calendar. No coding necessary! You can also host the 10to8 scheduling page on your own domain, if you have one.

    And if you already have a website, you can easily embed a booking widget, so that your client can book with you in only a few clicks, without ever leaving your site.

  • Can 10to8 take bookings from my website?

    Yes! 10to8 your appointment scheduler will work with any website, and help you get more business.

    Depending on your site, you can use one these:

    1. The 10to8 WordPress booking system plugin, which you can add to your site with 1 line of code.
    2. The 10to8 Weebly online booking plugin, which you can drag and drop on to your site.
    3. The 10to8 HTML online booking plugin, for all other website types.

    Check our Embed booking widget  page

  • Does 10to8 send appointment reminders?

    10to8’s software automatically sends appointment reminders to your clients about their bookings.

    4 days and then 2 hours before the appointment, they will receive an SMS and email, with details of the booking.

    You can also change when these reminders are sent. If your clients need additional reminders, or you prefer a lighter touch approach, 10to8 supports this too.

  • Is there a limit to the number of services I can offer?

    No! Unlike many competitors, with 10to8 there is no limit to the number of services you can offer, you can add as many as you want.

  • Can I set services to 15 minute time slots?

    Yes, you can set up your services to be 15 minutes each and the booking will default to this length.

  • Calendar

  • What is 10to8?

    10to8 is an online scheduling and appointment reminder software system, built to be easy to use for businesses. It comes with a web-based booking calendar, for you and your clients, and supports email and SMS notifications.

    We work with complementary health practitioners and therapists, independent practitioners, tutors, travelling professionals, piano tuners and even pet groomers!

    10to8’s software allows customers to book or update appointments with you or your staff, whenever it’s convenient for them, so they don’t have to wait to call during your opening hours. Its automatic appointment reminders have been shown to cut no-shows for businesses to 1 in every 900 appointments!

    You can also set up a public calendar, which is automatically updated with appointment changes, so you can fill those last-minute appointment slots, and increase your bottom line.

    Increase your bookings, cut no-shows and cut your admin time – start a free trial today.

  • Can I sync my calendar with 10to8?

    Yes, the 10to8 online appointment calendar syncs 2-way with Microsoft Outlook 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and Apple iCal. This means you can:

    • Avoid double-bookings in 10to8 during the times you’re busy in your personal calendar.
    • View your appointments booked through 10to8 on your personal calendar.
  • Can I print out my calendar?

    Yes – you can print the day and week view, or save them as PDF files.

  • Can I see what time and day an appointment was booked?

    Yes. A full automatic log of each appointment is kept. You can see who booked it and when or if an appointment was changed.

  • Who can book into my calendar?

    10to8’s appointment scheduling software allows you, your staff, and your customers to put bookings in to your calendar.

    You have full control over who can book what. You can give your staff view-only access, or you can give them administrator access. You can limit your customers to only booking certain services, and you can limit how much notice they need to give for new bookings.

    And of course you can turn off access to everyone, except yourself, if you want to keep everything private.

  • IT & Security

  • Can I use 10to8 on a phone or tablet?

    Yes, 10to8 offers a mobile appointment calendar.

    You can view your calendar on any device (Android, Windows, iOS), both mobile and tablets. Your data is available offline.

    Just log in to 10to8.com from your phone or tablet – no need to install any app

  • Where is the data stored?

    On Amazon servers in Ireland, Europe.

  • How often do you add new features?

    All the time. Our development team work’s hard and we release new features on a regular basis. To find out more about releases of new features, please visit our 10to8 Community.

  • How secure is 10to8?

    All communication between your computer and 10to8 is encrypted.

    We use bank-grade encryption and certificates (Extended Validation certificates with 4096 bit keys and we conform to Perfect Forward Security (PFS) guidelines).

    Your data is hosted in a secure hosting facility and regularly backed up.

    Find out more at 10to8 security.

  • What happens if the internet goes down?

    We are an online service, but if there is a problem with the internet at your end, there are ways around this. If you have a smartphone or tablet with 3G you can tether your phone connection to your computer, so you can still access 10to8 online in the normal way.
    Alternatively, if you have an iPad with 3G then you can just sign in to 10to8 as normal on your browser on the iPad. There is an iPhone and iPad app where each staff member can access their own appointments. You can also download a PDF of the day’s and week’s appointments.

  • Do I need to be good with IT to use 10to8?

    We’ve built 10to8 specifically for people who are not technology experts! 10to8 includes free, friendly customer support. So if anything is unclear, just contact us: help@10to8.com. 10to8 is an internet hosted service, so there’s no software to install.