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    Review our guest blog post guidelines

    Want to write a guest post for the 10to8 blog? That’s great! We’re open to high-quality and relevant blog posts. We should warn you that the barrier to entry or acceptance is high - we’ve got a reputation to maintain. 

    What articles do we accept?

    In short: only submit articles that you would be happy, even proud to publish on your own platform and add to your portfolio. 

    • The post must be at least 1,500-word long.
    • The post must be B2B blog appropriate, fresh, insightful, and forward-thinking. 
    • The post must not include irrelevant, low-quality or affiliate links. 
    • The post must include valuable links and resources that add to the article and support contextual reading.
    • The blog article must follow SEO best practices such as appropriate heading levels, keyword placement, and readability.
    • You will need to provide a hi-res professional headshot of the author and their short bio (maximum 80 words) that can link to a website and Twitter or Linkedin. 
    • You understand and accept that we reserve the right to edit factual errors and/or grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
    • You understand and agree that 10to8 reserves the right to make alterations to copy for the purpose of SEO, which may include the addition of a keyword here or there and the removal of links that we deem to be harmful.

    Who we accept articles from

    • You have a reputable online presence, with a portfolio, which clearly demonstrates the quality of your past work.
    • You are not an SEO freelancer or affiliated with an SEO or marketing agency.
    • You’re not just here for a do-follow backlink — because you’re not going to get one. 
    • You have an excellent command of the English language and we will not find spelling errors in your submission — we’re a small team and can’t take on major editing work for you. 
    • You will submit unique and high-quality content that passes a plagiarism check.
    • You will participate in distribution efforts and follow our campaign framework.
    • We do not pay or accept payment for guest blog content.

    About links, specifically

    We appreciate that guest blogging seems like a great way of building backlinks to your own site or for a client. But we only support high-quality content marketing practices and so link schemes are not acceptable here. 


    Links you need to avoid

    Affiliate, spammy and irrelevant links will be removed and you might get banned from our guest blogging program.


    Links you may include

    We're happy to link to your content but you must earn it! The linked page must have excellent SEO and outstanding copy. This is the only way you’ll get a link from us.

    Link we encourage

    Links we encourage

    We love an article with statistics and research and crediting your sources is a must. We’d also like you to link to authoritative sites.


    Link review

    We review all links manually and we reserve the right to remove or add sources to your content including our own links — only if relevant.


    Who you’ll write for

    Our audience consists of business owners and professionals worldwide. We serve small, medium, and large organizations in healthcare, finance, HR and recruitment, sales, higher education and more. Topics that we write about include how-to’s, thought leadership pieces, business tips.

    tone of voice

    Our tone of voice

    Here’s what to keep in mind when writing your guest blog article

    • We use US spelling and phrases on our blog (organize vs. organise, traveling vs. travelling, color vs. colour, elevator vs. lift, zucchini vs. courgette, etc.)
    • We sound: smart, down-to-earth, authoritative, dynamic.
    • Our audience should feel: welcomed, optimistic, respected, considered, excited, included.

    Our distribution framework

    We abide by the 20-80 rule: creating the content is just 20% of the work — getting it seen is the other 80%. So we ask you to help with the distribution campaign once your article is live. We review and archive poor-performing posts regularly. 


    • Share at least one social media post on all of your personal and business channels as soon as your article is published. We are happy to supply you with post copy, hashtag ideas and we’d love it if you tagged 10to8.
    • Include the article in your next newsletter or email campaign. We do this every time and we always see great results. 
    • Link to the blog article if there’s a relevant place for it — or something else on our site. If we get traffic, you get traffic. 
    • Promote the post in other creative ways: share during webinars, add to your email signature — the sky's the limit!
    Penetration Testing

    Submission and review

    If you got this far and still feel like writing for us, then you’re ready to submit your ideas! We use a form to track submissions and we review ideas in bulk, every month or so. 

    Please do not follow up on your submissions — we receive dozens of ideas every week and follow-up emails just slow us down. If we’re interested, we’ll be in touch in a few weeks. Also, make sure to fill in all the required fields, otherwise we’ll have to disqualify your submission right away.


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