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How Can You Benefit From 10to8 As A Private Doctor?

Looking professional and having a modern working environment is of the utmost importance if you are a healthcare professional.

While setting up your private practice, you need to think of modern productivity tools to help run your business, along with the high-quality equipment and professional staff. Click To Tweet

Introducing doctor scheduling software in your practice will modernize your business and thus make the workflow more efficient. With your new doctor booking system, your patients will be able to book your available slots for themselves, and therefore avoid time-consuming date ping-pong with your secretary.

10to8 will also help you spot DNA’s. First of all, with our healthcare scheduling software you’ll be able to send SMS and email reminders at the right time, and thus reduce the rate of did-not-attends.

Second of all, you can spot no-shows, by tracking if the patient has opened the message. If there’s a chance that they have forgotten about the appointment, your secretary can engage with them in a 2-way chat. Cancellations and rescheduling is also easy to follow in 10to8.

Thanks to the secure encryption, you can rest assured that your patients’ details are in a safe place. You can add private notes or medical history like anamnesis and the list of medicines taken by the patient.

With 10to8 doctor scheduling software you’ll have an instant online profile, which is modern, professional and easy to find. Discover more of 10to8 features and sign up today!

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