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10to8 is a spin-out from Cambridge University, and the research ethos remains a core principle. Research and data drives how we design appointment workflows and communications, as well as how we build new features on our platform. 10to8 was founded by graduates from Oxford and Cambridge with PhD training in experimental design, statistics and engineering. Our founders recognised that data science can help solve one of the most pernicious problems in modern business: the coordination costs of B2C appointment scheduling.

Using cutting-edge data science and experimental methods, we test and measure the impact of 10to8 technology. From the resulting insights, 10to8 continuously improves scheduling outcomes for our clients. Experts in the air flight industry take every plane incident as an opportunity to make every future flight safer. Similarly, 10to8 data scientists examine the trends of appointment no-shows across industries. By looking at when and how messages were sent and read, they can help predict future no-shows and make recommendations. By virtue of being on the 10to8 platform, the chances that your next client appointment results in a no-show are reduced by 90%. And it gets better every minute, as our platform learns.

Our Research



Automated communications

  • What is the best content for appointment reminders to ensure attendance?
  • How often, at what time, and on what device should you contact customers to ensure they acknowledge and reply?
  • Which common customer inquiries can artificial intelligence help you process faster?



Data-driven advice for service businesses

  • Which channels should business promote their services on, to find new loyal customers?
  • How can service businesses keep their customers loyal and satisfied?
  • What price should businesses charge to achieve full capacity across the year, considering local competition?


Intelligent availability matching


  • How can businesses easily promote their services and remaining slots to customers who are available at the suitable times?

Partnerships and Grants

If you’re interested in running pilot studies with your client base in partnership with 10to8, please get in touch. We also welcome requests to collaborate with research groups in academia and industry to run experiments on the 10to8 platform.

10to8 offers grants for researchers wanting to study appointment scheduling patterns, as well as human-computer interaction in health care, counselling and educational settings. Apply here. Application are assessed and awarded quarterly. Next deadlines are March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31th.