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Online Scheduling Instead Of 4-Day Week

Having a nice long just swinging your leg and do nothing 3-day-weekend can be glorious. Actually, in New Zealand a company has tried this with the introduction of a 4-day-week to help its workers achieve a better work-life balance..

Before the trial, 54% of the employees stated that they can effectively balance their work and home commitments, while after the experiment this soared to 78%. They also noticed a 7% points decrease in the staff’s stress level.

Until the idea spreads, we still have to put up with the challenges of a 5-day work week, but you can still make it a bit lazier and easier. Leasier!

If you are a business owner, a scheduling tool can be your best buddy in reducing admin time and automating processes.

With the help of 10to8 online scheduling, you don’t even have to pick up the phone, since the bookings happen on your own online booking page, and the appointment requests can be accepted automatically if you wish. You can go one step further and set up calendar sync with Google, iCal, Exchange, Office365 and Click a button, tick a box and that’s it, you effortlessly achieved 2-way calendar sync.

With appointment reminders, your staff members and customers alike can get reminders via SMS and email prior to the appointment. Well, yeah, it means that now clients will actually show up and you have to take it from here, because a scheduling tool can’t do your job – not even such an awesome one as 10to8. But we did pretty good so far.

After you’re done and your customer has left, you can rest assured that they’ll receive a satisfaction survey, rate your business, and the rating will show up on your shiny 10to8 reviews badge on your website. Having good reviews means more new customers and more work of course, but this is the fun stuff, not boring admin.

You know, being lazy doesn’t necessarily mean being less productive. Automating steps that you can, is smart and effective. Smeffective! Click To Tweet

You know, being lazy doesn’t necessarily mean being less productive. Automating steps that you can, is smart and effective. Smeffective! Okay, I’ll stop it.

So until we have 4-day work weeks, here’s 10to8 online scheduling to help you. And after then too. Join free today!

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