Music Tutor, Henriette de Vrierj, shares her business tips

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Optimising your business as a music tutor

Henriette is a very focused and successful violin teacher who uses 10to8 to optimise her time. During term she has regular lessons in schools which she complements with ad hoc lessons during school holidays, where students can book her on her 10to8 online booking page.

We talked to Henriette who shared a few tips around how she juggles so many demands and bookings, whilst managing to enjoy other things in life!

  1. Spend your time wisely

Before she signed up for 10to8 Henriette used to play email ping pong with children and their parents, trying to manage her ad hoc holiday bookings. For each booking she would then need to make sure parents paid, got a receipt, knew when to pick up their kids etc. When she looked at her time, Henriette was spending 30 minutes doing administration on top of a 30 minute lesson! Which was not the best use of her time.

She decided to automate some of these processes and set up 10to8 so that her availability during the holidays is clearly visible to customers who can then book suitable times and payment is taken online. The 30 minutes of extra admin is now gone.

  1. Shape your reputation

When Henriette first started out, she became known as a very good teacher with beginners. She enjoys teaching beginners but realised parents or teachers may not continue with her for more advanced students. She asked her school to give her an opportunity to teach higher level students, and now uses 10to8 to give these talented students the opportunity to have extra lessons. Their success helps her reputation and makes it easier to generate further bookings.

  1. Get creative with new income streams

Henriette would like to reduce her teaching hours in the future and has been thinking of ways she can maintain a certain level of revenue. Some of her students and colleagues suggested writing books, which she didn’t feel excited about, so she decided to create online videos and now has her own site, where students can still learn online but with less of her time!

  1. Don’t be scared of technology!

Henriette does not describe herself as a technology fan and she is not one for trying out new apps but she has looked for new software, like 10to8, which she says she can use easily. Henriette said she has gotten support when she needed it, and online booking has helped her achieve her business goals.

Visit Henriette’s booking page here. Want to share your business and booking tips? Get in touch: